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  • Prepare students for a rigorous high school academic experience that leads to meeting entrance requirements of four-year colleges and universities.
  • Expose middle school students to colleges and universities and increase their understanding of what it takes to become a competitive applicant for higher education.
  • Increase student knowledge of scientific and health related topics relevant to a future career in a health profession.
  • Develop skills that will enhance students' academic, social and leadership abilities.
What is provided to MASTERS students:
  • Special classes emphasizing health professions with credentialed teachers adept at teaching academic achievement skills.
  • Enrichment opportunities in science, mathematics, and/or language arts.
  • Lessons and guidance for college preparation and planning through the College Ed curriculum.
  • Tutoring by college students provided at school specifically for MASTERS students.
  • Guest speakers on topics related to high school, college and health careers.
  • Study trips to colleges and universities, science exhibits, and health facilities.
  • Resources and information for parents.
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8th Grade Teacher:
Mrs. Alvarez
7th Grade Teacher:
Mrs. Lopez-nava
Mrs. Madrigal