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Mrs. Esquivel's Home Page

Educational motto - "Keep Your Head Up and Keep Reaching for the STARS!"
My expectations for my classes:
Every student is capable of something!  In P.E. my philosophy is long-term wellness.  I believe in finding something to keep you physically active.  Walking, running, working out, skateboarding, bike riding, or anything that keeps the body moving.  There is something out there for everyone to try, create, dream of, and accomplish.  I will not listen to I can't, I won't, or I don't.  I want to see effort!  You don't know until you try and trying if everything.  All students have different talents.  I expect 100% participation, good behavior, and the best effort a student can give.  
I also believe in good character, the use of manners, being helpful, working for what you get, appreciating what you have, respecting all people, being open minded, and treat people like you want to be treated.  
Keep your head up high and be proud of where you come from.
Be humble and kind.
And smile!
AVID-"No Excuses"
This class is to help prepare students to become college and career ready.  They will learn how skills it takes to be organized in all their classes.  It is an elective class and is skill based.
I'm Mrs. Esquivel, formerly Miss Hermosillo (Miss H.). I've had the pleasure of working in the Planada School District going on (24) years, and still loving it!
I have taught Language Arts, History, Physical Education and now AVID.
I graduated from CSU-Stanislaus and recently went back to acquire my Administration certificate and Masters in Education.  It's with great pleasure to have all the wonderful students that I have this year, and please feel free to visit.  
Thank you