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Congratulations to the Class of 2019!
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Mr. Lema's Homepage

Welcome to 7th grade ELA and Social Studies!
 In ELA we will look at informational units such as "What it Takes to be Great", and "The Impact of Celebrities on our Lives".   Please ask your child what they have been reading both in class and for Accelerated Reader (AR).
This year in history we will explore the fall of the Roman Empire through Medieval Times and into the Renaissance period.  This will include the role geography, trade, religion, neighboring countries, etc. played in the development of society during these time periods.
Students should read their classroom novel every night and fill out their reading log. They should also read their personal AR books.

I am a teacher who loves the Giants, 49ers, and teaching children.   I have been very fortunate to teach the best young people in the world at Planada for 23 years.  One of my favorite experiences is seeing my former students come back and teach and work for the Planada School District.  My wonderful wife, Shelley, is also a teacher of 24 years.  I also have two  great adult children, Tim and Kelli.